Be Courageous - When we come to Y'shua it is important to understand that He not only calls for us to be different but He also empowers us to do so.

Video produced, directed, and edited by Hoshea of House of Israel Ohio.

Emotional VS Spiritual - Here I am dealing with some thoughts and contrasts between emotionally driven behavior and spiritually driven behavior.

Video produced, directed, and edited by Hoshea of House of Israel Ohio.

On the 10th of Abib  - Looking at what is commanded to be done on the 10th of Abib (Aviv/Nissan), and how we can apply it today to our lives as we prepare for Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

Prepping 4 Passover - We will investigate some essential things that we need to be focused on when moving forward towards Passover/Unleavened Bread.

Preparing for Pesach (Passover) - A look at the preparation for Passover and who should partake of the Passover Memorial.

The True Unleavened Bread - A message about the Spiritual meaning of Unleavened Bread/Matzah, and how Y'shua is the TRUE Unleavened Bread from on High.

Firstfruits/Counting the Omer - A look into firstfruits and the beginning of a series of quick videos tracking the way to shavuot.

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Sukkot - It's a Celebration! - A message from Sukkot 2018 on how we are to ONLY CELEBRATE during the Feast of Tabernacles!

Midrashing with Moreh Adoniyahu

Beresheet/In the Beginning - We will be looking at the opening chapter of the Torah...Genesis  chapter 1.

This is How You Bless - A weekly Midrash - We will be looking at Numbers 6:22-27 and  searching for the inner meaning of the "priestly blessing". 

Death 2 Midian - We will look at Numbers 31, and investigate why it was that Midian received the Judgement of death.

Pinchas - A Weekly Midrash - We will be looking at Numbers chapters 25 thru 27, and looking at some of the underlying principles within.

Balak and the Teachings of Balaam - A weekly Midrash - We will be dealing with a synopsis of Numbers 23:1 thru 25:9

The Spirit of Esau - A weekly Midrash - We will be looking at numbers 20 and 21; as well as John 3 and 4.

The Graves of Lust - A Weekly Midrash - Today we are going to be looking at Numbers 6:1:21 and dealing with the past and present aspects of this command.

The Nazarite Vow - A Weekly Midrash - Today we will look at Numbers chapter 11 and deal with various points in the text. 


Understanding Commands, Statutes, and Judgements

A commonly asked question that people have is wanting to distinguish between commandments, statutes and judgments. In some ways the words can at times be interchangeable. However, I do think that there are some ways to differentiate these words. I would say that the quick answer is: commandments are a general laws, statutes are more specific laws and judgments are how to deal with various issues in light of the laws. So we are going to take a look at these words and see how they are used to see if we can know what the differences are. [Read More]

Why Get Baptized?

Many people think you don’t have to get baptized, and it is not a part of the salvation process. The same people say baptism is a work and we are saved by grace, therefore I must not need to be baptized. I say...this is all confusion. The Bible has something else to say. Baptism is not a “work” that you do to “earn” your salvation. It is the way, instituted by Y'shua Himself, that we express our acceptance of His free gift... [Read More]


When we think about the Most High and how he interacts with His creation, there are some challenges that we face when seeking to understand this concept. The main challenge comes into play because of the word that the Most High has given to us. There are things in the Scriptures that are credited to the Almighty, and we take our presuppositions and try to discredit these things and say that they are not the Almighty, but rather His representatives. One of the things presupposed is the idea that the Creator can’t “fit” into His creation [earth]; this may very well be true, however, Scripture shows us the Almighty makes Himself “fit”. The question that arises is, how?... [Read More]

Who Is Melchizedek?

Arguably, one of the greatest mysteries in all of Scripture is the question: Who is Melchizedek and what does he represent? The biggest problem to unlocking the mystery begins with the fact that there are only two references to Melchizedek in the Tanakh. Much more detail is written about Melchizedek in the Apostolic Writings. We will look at the Apostolic Writings concerning Melchizedek extensively, but we will start where he is first mentioned... [Read More]


When looking at the issue of women and their role in the assembly, there are a few key scriptures that I see as definitive in revealing to us how it is women should relate to men and be functioning in the assembly. Some preliminary things must first be established, because we need to know the reason why things are the way they are. Then we can readily accept the reality of the situation because all motivations will have been established and solidified. Does the Bible teach that women can teach men? Is teaching the same as preaching? Can a woman preach to men? Where does prophesying fit into the situation? These are important questions and I see answers to these and other questions in the scriptures... [Read More]

Torah Portion Insights



Bo - Harden Not Your Heart

In the Torah Portion Bo, as in the previous portions, we are able to see a clear picture of what it means to have a “hard heart” by studying Pharaoh’s behavior...[Read More]

Beshalach - The Pillar of Old is in Us

The Exodus is a picture of our spiritual life.  As the children of Israel began the journey out of Egypt and into the wilderness, they had a “guide” to lead them along the way.  The guide we have for our Spiritual journey/wilderness after we leave the Pharaoh of sin is the Holy Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh)...[Read More]

Yithro - Get to Work

A kingdom of priests… The job of the priest is to intercede for the people, to cleanse the people and to teach the people.  When we acknowledge our identity as Israel, the people of YHWH, His peculiar people above all nations, we have to also acknowledge the great responsibility that comes with being his people...[Read More]

Mishpatim - Learn to Be a Slave

Parsha Mishpatim contains master/slave laws.  Slavery is a concept that we try to forget due to the horrible reality of American chattel slavery.  However, the Biblical concept of slavery is something that every follower of Y’shua needs to fully grasp and understand...[Read More]

Terumah - We are the Tabernacle

From the very beginning, the Almighty ONLY wanted to dwell in the midst of His people.  However, due to our wickedness and apparent and obvious disregard for the Creator’s will and His ways, we have made His plan impossible...[Read More]

Tetzavah - Who's Ready for a Beating

The fuel for the lamp that burned continually in the tabernacle was pure olive oil...beaten...
Likewise, when our ego/carnal mind is crushed and beaten and bruised and discomfited, this is the process that we must go through in order to be the people that the Creator has made for us to be. ...[Read More]

Ki Tissa - If you don't Lead Me

Moses knew that with all that was ahead of him and the sons of Israel, that he needed the presence of YHWH to be with him; and that was the ONLY way he was going.  In this particular situation, Israel had not been forsaken by YHWH.  The Almighty said he was going to send a messenger to lead the people instead of His own presence.  But, Moses essentially said “No.  Please.  I need you... [Read More]

Vayak'hel - Head Knowledge is Not Enough

The key component to the construction of the tabernacle was the fact that the workers were spirit filled individuals, empowered for the task. Many people have heard of the Most High… many have heard about the Messiah, many have studied and even “keep” the Torah… We have to be careful not to only have a head knowledge faith, but to move into intimacy with the Most High...[Read More]


Vayikra - Sacrifice

A life that is dedicated to the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is one that is FILLED with sacrifice.  The concept of offering the life of an animal unto the Most High either on your behalf or as a gift is a huge part of the worship of Ancient Israel.  It is hard for us to comprehend animal sacrifice because we are thousands of years removed from it.  In reality, the animals that were sacrificed already belonged to the Almighty…[Read More]

Shemini - Fire Safety

YHWH is a consuming fire.  
This is shown in the fiery bush that drew Moshe near, in the cloud of fire on the top of Sinai, and in the pillar of fire in the wilderness… even the writer of Hebrews warns that we must serve YHWH acceptably and with great reverence BECAUSE He is a consuming fire. We must understand that those who are brought near to YHWH MUST live holy and reverent lives.  We must understand that upon receiving Y’shua and salvation (justification), we are also dedicating ourselves to be a living sacrifice unto YHWH – Holy and acceptable (sanctification)?…[Read More]

Kedoshim - Sons of Israel... STAND UP!

You shall be holy or you ARE holy ones. Holy in the Hebrew means set apart or consecrated or dedicated, and in this case it is to the Almighty…[Read More]