As a community, we promote and support homeschooling

Homeschooling is an excellent way to cultivate and nurture our next generation, as well as prevent influences from the outside world and a system that is against our Elohim and us as His people. We provide resources to help parents make this step fortheir families.

Homeschool Videos

A detailed presentation on why and how to go about Homeschooling! Perfect for parents who are considering homeschooling, and those who do not know anyone who homeschools! Also a perfect resource for sharing with other parents in our communities to get them to consider it for their families!

Character Quality Curriculum

A look at why Character Quality Training and Development is just as important as teaching our children the Torah, and a fun way to incorporate Character Building into your Children Sabbath Studies, homeschool curriculum, or supplement to Public, Private, or Cyber School Curriculum.  Accompanying PDF Resource can be found here.

Quarantine Homeschooling is Different from Homeschooling on Your Own Terms...

Tirtzah discusses how the homeschooling that all families are facing with Quarantine is different from homeschooling on your own terms.

Homeschooling in PA - Easy as 1,2,3


Step 1

When you are ready to start homeschooling, and then in subsequent years by August 1, submit the following forms to your local school district:

Step 2

Homeschool - 180 Days, Keep a book list/work log

Step 3

Make a Portfolio that includes samples of work, attendance record showing 180 Days, and a Book List.  Get evaluated by a certified teacher, and submit the evaluation slip by June 30.

  • Achievement Tests for 3rd, 5th, and 8th grade. Results must be in portfolio. You can use this easy, cheap online CAT Test Website: Academic Excellence
  • Get your portfolio Evaluated - There are park days in May where evaluators offer their services for free or barter. Contact Us for more Info.

Note: This is the process for children who have never been enrolled in school, and are 6 years or older. Submit forms first on 6th birthday. If you have already enrolled a child under 6 in school and are taking them out, then you have two options. Follow this process for them, OR withdraw them from school and wait until they turn 6 to start this process **The compulsory school age in PA changed from 8 to 6 in the 2020-2021 school year. Older resources may not reflect this important to know age change.*

**The PA Homeschool Requirements have changed only for the 2019-2020 school year due to COVID-19. Check with the PA Department of Education to verify all the changes that are in place for this year ONLY.**

Additional Resources for Pennsylvania Homeschoolers

Guide to the PA Homeschool Law

This guide was the first homework I did when we decided to take our children out of the school system.  It is a must read!

Helpful Websites:

Helpful Documents:

FREE Teacher Planner (Online Resource)

Daily Attendance Log

Daily Work Log/Planner

Pittsburgh Public Schools Homeschool Office Address:

Student Achievement Center, ATTN Homeschool

925 Brushton Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15208

Homeschool Curriculum and Resources



  • Home Learning Year by Year, by Rebecca Rupp is an excellent resource for identifying milestones each child should learn each year. It will also drive you crazy because it's definitely an overachiever's goals. It is still helpful for new homeschoolers, or those who want to see where their children are at compared to "norms". You can find this book at the library.
  • The Well Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home by Susan Bauer and Jessie Wise is a staple resource to navigating specific curriculum choices by grade for children. It includes how much time to spend on each subject and organization techniques. It is an invaluable resource!

  • Local school district websites commonly post their curriculum on the internet.  This will be according to state standards in most cases.
  • Simple web searches for "what every third grader should know", etc can also be helpful.

EVALUATION - ACHIEVEMENT TESTS CAT Testing is done online, timed or untimed, results are instant, and only costs $20 with coupon code FIRSTCAT.


  • Teacher/Student Planners - You can make your own in a notebook, buy a fancy one, or search Pinterest for ideas. Check out a FREE editable planner here.
  • Logs - this can be done any number of ways. Check out my editable Attendance Log and Student Work Log.


  • - Christian Book Distributor has a MASSIVE trove of Homeschool materials. They also have hefty sample materials and even videos to show you the material. The prices are AMAZING, and almost always better than Amazon. They have catalogues and deals as well. One stop shopping!
  • - Homeschool parents like us sell old curriculum, or curriculum that didn't work for our children on Ebay at discounted prices.
  • Homeschool Co Op Groups - Find these online or on FB - Why pay more when you can pay less?
  • Thrift Stores - Thrifting is the best way to find books, games, puzzles, play clothes and accessories, and other resources on a budget. You will be surprised how many learning resources fill the shelves of these stores - I imagine eager grandparents dropping off books, science experiments, learning games, etc. to less eager grandchildren...


Full Curriculum


  • - Worksheets, Guided Lessons, etc. available for all subjects
  • K12 Reader - Language Arts and cross-education through literacy worksheets
  • Flocabulary - Cross Subject Education through raps and spoken word
  • Brainpop - Cross Subject Education through short, animated narratives
  • Discovery Education - Free Lesson Plans, K-12
  • Teachers Pay Teachers - Free and Paid Lessons Plans and Worksheets created by teachers.

How to Find Curriculum

  • Christian Book has a vast selection of Homeschool Curriculum, with large samples and even videos of the materials.
  • Cathy Duffy Reviews has a large selection of in depth reviews and comparisons between different curriculum. It's a great way to find new curriculum resources.



  • Math Mammoth - After trying THREE Math curriculums, I like this one for grades 1-7.
  • Math Aids - Create customizable math worksheets easily
  • Teaching Textbooks - 3rd Grade thru Precalculus Full Math Courses. The company now has online lessons which include interactive videos and questions that make learning math fun!


  • - Worksheets, Guided Lessons, etc. available for all subjects
  • K12 Reader - Language Arts and cross-education through literacy worksheets
  • Sequential Spelling - Excellent Spelling curriculum that has proven results!
  • Wordly Wise - Vocabulary Building and Dictionary Skills Workbooks
  • Word Roots Series - Critical Thinking Company workbooks that teach the Greek/Latin roots of English words, through Grade 12


  • G.U.M. Workbooks
  • Scholastic Workbooks
  • - Worksheets, Guided Lessons, etc. available for all subjects
  • K12 Reader - Language Arts and cross-education through literacy worksheets
  • - Writing Prompts available online


  • Zaner-Bloser Handwriting and Cursive Curriculum


  • Library Books
  • Travel
  • Netflix Documentaries
  • Brainpop
  • Flocabulary
  • DK Workbooks, etc that focus on Geography skills -- Search Christian Book Distributors
  • Draw the World Series Books
  • Geography games and books, e.g. The Scrambled States of America

Social Studies/History

  • Library Books
  • Field Trips - Museum, monuments, Travel
  • Youtube Videos showing historic events/Netflix Documentaries
  • Kids Discover Online - Online articles about social studies/history topics
  • Brainpop
  • Flocabulary


  • Library
  • Field Trips to Homeschool science labs, or to science centers
  • Brainpop
  • Flocabulary
  • Buy a used science Textbook to spring from
  • National Geographic Kids magazine subscription
  • Order Science kits online - there are monthly subscriptions for these
  • Sign up for nature courses at local parks
  • Outdoors exploration and play
  • Join a Lego Club, or get involved in local technology workshops
  • High Schoolers can take AP Classes online or do Dual Enrollment at community colleges


  • ​Library - Books on Art Techniques, etc
  • Homeschool/Afterschool Art Classes - Held at art studios, clay studios, libraries
  • Art Kits - can be bought from local art stores or online
  • Pinterest
  • Art lessons online, e.g. Kids Art Hub


  • Outdoor play - ride bikes, walk, run, play basketball, etc.
  • Check out local rec centers - some offer homeschool gym or other opportunities
  • Dance, Gymnastics, Martial Arts Classes, etc
  • Online workouts at home
  • Library for Health topics


  • Private or Group Music Lessons
  • Library for Music History
  • ​Online Music Lessons - YouTube, Hoffman Academy Piano, etc. - We study Guitar, Trumpet, Drums, and Piano online!


  • is a great and FREE way to teach typing!

Critical Thinking

  • Critical Thinking Company produces excellent resources to enhance critical thinking skills
  • Puzzles and thinking games
  • Lego Building or other model building

Different Languages

  • DuoLingo - FREE online language instruction

  • YouTube has free language videos

  • Rosetta Stone - get a deal on "Black Friday", don't pay full price
  • Mango Languages - FREE through most libraries
  • Homeschool CoOps

Character Quality Training

  • Character Quality Project - A Character Quality Training Project for Elementary to Middle School Age Children. (See Video Above)