Beginner Biblical Hebrew Course


Learn the Hebrew Letters and Vowels at a Comfortable Pace!

Learn the Hebrew Letters and Vowels at a comfortable pace! You will learn how to read and write Hebrew in this class! Print out the Primer Slides for each Lesson, and follow along with the YouTube Links.

Hebrew Vowels Cheat Sheet!

Need Help Memorizing the Vowels? This PDF resource can help!

Lesson 1: Alef, Bet, Kamats, Patach

Lesson 1 Primer Slides

YouTube Link:

Lesson 2: Gimel, Dalet, Heh, Tserei, Segol

Lesson 2 Primer Slides

Youtube Link:

Lesson 3: Vav/Waw, Zayin, Chet, Cholam

Lesson 3 Primer Slides

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Lesson 4: Tet, Yod, Kaf, Shuruk

Lesson 4 Primer Slides

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Lesson 5: Chaf, Chaf Sofit, Lamed, Kubbutz

Lesson 5 Primer Slides

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Lesson 6: Mem (Mem Sofit), Nun (Nun Sofit), Chirik

Lesson 6 Primer Slides

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Lesson 7: Samech, Ayin, Sheva at the Beginning of a Word

Lesson 7 Primer Slides

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Lesson 8: Pei, Fei (Fei Sofit), Sheva at the End of a Word, Sheva in the Middle of a Word

Lesson 8 Primer Slides

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Lesson 9: Tsadei (Tsadei Sofit), Vowel Blend "ai" sound

Lesson 9 Primer Slides

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Lesson 10: Kuf/Kof, Resh, Vowel Blend "OY" sound, Sheva Vowel Blends

Lesson 10 Primer Slides

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Lesson 11: Shin, Tav, Beged Kefet, Dagesh Rules

Lesson 11 Primer Slides

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Lesson 12: Conclusion (Furtive Patach, Sections of the Hebrew Bible, Hebrew Names of the Torah Books, Common Vocabulary/Phrases in Hebrew)

Lesson 12 Primer Slides

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Got Milk Series

#GotMilk INTRO

This is the intro to a 6 part series that we are putting out dealing with a breakdown of Hebrews 6:1-2 and the foundational principles. 

#GotMilk  Pt 1 - Repentance From Dead Works

We look at what repentance from dead works looks like, and see that it is so crucial that even Moshiach's first words in ministry in Mark 1:15 was to REPENT. Repentance is key in the transition from death to LIFE, and should be Step 1.

#GotMilk  Pt 2 - Belief Towards Elohim

We look at Belief Towards Elohim. In this walk, we "believe" many things. But what is foundational to a secure walk with Elohim is BELIEF towards Elohim. This is necessary for an unshakable, unmoveable, steadfast FAITH.

#GotMilk  Pt 3 - Teaching of Immersions

We talk about the importance of water and Spirit Baptism.

The Words of the Master

The Words of the Master - Y'shua Immersed by Yochanan

This is a new series dealing with the words of the Master. We will be taking a look at all of the words of Messiah as well as the situations surrounding those instances. 

The Words of the Master - The Three Temptations

In this edition of The Words of the Master, we will be dealing with the temptation of Messiah in the wilderness.  Luke 4:1:13

WhereUrVs@? Series

WhereUrVS@? Ep 1 - Sex = Marriage

In this episode we are looking at the question; does the Bible actually teach us that sex equals marriage? 

WhereUrVS@?  Ep 2 - Do Not Hate an Edomite

Just a short little something about what TMH tells us about how we are to deal with Esau.

WhereUrVS@? Ep 3- Shem is Melchezedek

In this episode, we look at the identity of Melchizedek. Is he indeed Shem as many suppose? Where does this Idea come from and is it correct?

Niddah Series for Women

Acts of Transformation Intro (Niddah Pt1)

Niddah is a commonly used Hebrew term for the Torah/Scriptures that delineate laws of separation for women during their menstrual cycles, after birth, and other uterine bleeding.

Part 1 of our Niddah series, we define Niddah and the Hebrew concepts of Clean and Unclean. We discuss the purpose of Niddah, and ask is Niddah a sin? Throughout the presentation, the theme of transformation in the lives of women is brought out.

The Torah of Niddah (Niddah Pt2)

In Part 2 of our series on Niddah, we examine the Torah of Niddah for Normal menstruation, irregular bleeding, childbirth, and the virgin brides. We also look at the Torah on Family Purity. This lesson is packed full of what the torah has to say about Niddah from a Holy Temple timeframe perspective. Let's dig in!

The Mikveh (Niddah Pt3)

Part 3 of our Niddah series, the Mikveh or ritually immersing oneself in running water has become a hallmark of Niddah purification in our times. It is assumed to be in Leviticus 12 and Leviticus 15, yet it is not. We will look at the traditions, reasons why it has become so popular, and ask the question --- it a Torah requirement?

How Do We Keep Niddah Today? (Niddah Pt4)

Part 4 of our Niddah series, we ask the question, How do we keep Niddah today? How do we keep Niddah in the diaspora/exile? This is a practical guide to keeping Niddah in exile, without making it a burden, or hypocritical in observance.